Talentory Code of Conduct


In order to be successful with Talentory it is important that all parties understand and adopt the same set of values and work ethics. This Code of Conduct outlines values, which we view as crucial cornerstones in our daily interactions with one another. This Code of Conduct is applicable to all users of the Talentory Platform. Please read it carefully.

  • Responsibility – each individual is expected to take the appropriate responsibility for his or her part of the process. To ensure that any grievances or issues are discussed and resolved, and to ensure that all parties are informed about the latest status of the process at all times.
  • Integrity – each individual is expected to be reliable, open, trustworthy and honest. Take responsibility for your work and keep your promises. Respecting the rules of collaboration as defined in the General Terms and Conditions is a pre-requisite.
  • Respect – approach your business partners with respect, treat everyone fairly and without discrimination (whether based on gender, race, age, sexual orientation, religion or physical handicap). Be open to other people’s opinions and listen carefully.
  • Fair play – base your decisions on objective criteria and facts that can be justified. Treat every individual equally.
  • Reliability – Be a reliable business partner. Do not make promises or agreements that you cannot keep. Do not over promise and under deliver.
  • Transparency – be as transparent as possible at all times. Communicate issues or concerns as early as possible during the process. Inform all parties of possible delays or other issues that may affect the process.

Expectations to employers in relation to the values:

  • Responsibility – publishing a position on Talentory comes with the responsibility that you make yourself available to speak with the agencies you choose to collaborate with. That you review the submitted profiles in a timely manner and provide brief, but relevant feedback to the agency on rejected profiles so they are able to re-direct their search if necessary.
  • Integrity – posting a position exclusively on Talentory means that you should direct any agencies who approach you and wish to work on that position, to sign up on the platform. Working with other agencies outside the platform on the same position is not permitted. Encouraging agencies you have met through Talentory, to contact you directly to work on positions outside the platform is also not permitted. Doing so can put the agency in an awkward position as this qualifies as an infringement on our Terms and Conditions.
  • Respect – keep in mind that the agencies are doing their best to provide you with the best candidates. Respecting their efforts includes reviewing the profiles in a timely manner and providing constructive feedback.
  • Fair play – always ensure that the search consultants have all the relevant information he or she might need, to start the search. Expectations and deadlines need to be communicated clearly. Changing conditions on active, ongoing positions is not permitted.
  • Reliability – if you still have candidates from other channels in an active process, wait to post the position on Talentory until you have completed that process first. Posting a position and then cancelling it within a few days or even weeks creates unnecessary work and frustration on the agency side.
  • Transparency – communication is key. Keeping Talentory and the search consultants up to date on the status of a position and the submitted candidates, is of the utmost importance. Using the platform functionalities to indicate when interviews have been scheduled or that a profile has been forwarded to the Line Manager, enables both parties to keep an overview. Providing feedback to Talentory about any grievances or issues during the process is imperative to improving the process.

Expectations to the search consultant in relation to the values:

  • Responsibility – ensuring the quality of submitted data is a pre-requisite. Make sure that you fully understand the requirements before you start.
  • Integrity – contacting an employer you have met through Talentory directly, and soliciting to work on positions outside of the platform is not permitted. Bear in mind that even mentioning this to an employer puts you in a questionable light. Violation of this clause can lead to exclusion from the platform.
  • Respect – keep in mind that the company recruiters are doing their best to manage the process in a timely manner. Many companies also have an internal candidate management system that requires a certain process to be followed. Allow the recruiter a reasonable amount of time to review profiles and to organise the next steps within their organisation.
  • Fair play – emailing profiles directly to line managers is not permitted. This circumvents the recruiter and the process, may cause unnecessary delays and extra work on the side of the employer. The employer has chosen to work with the Talentory platform for a reason, and it is expected that everyone follows the agreed process.
  • Reliability – be a reliable partner. If you find you do not have enough time or resources to provide candidates for a certain role, withdraw your application with a brief explanation so the employer can decide for another agency to collaborate with.
  • Transparency – the Talentory team can only resolve issues that we are aware of. It is imperative to keep us informed of any issues that arise during the process. Also make sure that you upload all relevant candidates to the platform as this enables Talentory to establish candidate ownership as captured in the General Terms and Condition Chapter 5.2, point 38).